New songs recorded - 21.08.18

Hey there, dear plastic buddies! It has been a while! Summer is almost over - and we hope it was as creative for you as it was for us.

Shed Studio is seeing some heavy action lately, the recording conveyor belt is now operating at full speed. Last week Paul was busy recording drums for two new songs - "Optimist" and "One for the Road" as well as mixing and arranging "Glaring Screens". The photo serves as evidence of him being quite pleased with the results.
This week we will be focusing on tracking some guitars and vocals. Next in the pipeline for drums is a song called "Game of Numbers", that is currently scheduled for drum recording next week. We are quite proud to be using the Shed for all of the production, it sounds very very cool and allows us to enjoy countless hours of experimenting with sounds without any distractions. 
We just cannot wait to share some of the new tracks with all of you. More release and gig news coming up asap! Meanwhile - have a listen to the new Death Cab For Cutie album, it is pretty darn cool!