Around the Sun released - 14.02.2016

IT IS FINALLY HERE! Our new single "Around the Sun" together with a very special music video is OUT! The moment we've been working towards for the last several months!

"Around the Sun" became the 4th single from our upcoming "Mechanics of Life" LP! This song turned out to be a difficult child. It all started with the drum parts recorded at London School of Sound. After the mixing started several months later we've quickly realized we wanted to redo the drums. This is how we discovered Old Paradise Audio in central London, where on a sunny Saturday in October 2015 Frazer drummed his heart out, with talented Jim Macrae behind the desk and our essential Stuart Cooney assisting. 

All of the guitar parts were recorded at our HQ - Shed Studio, bass was recorded at Dani's personal home studio. Stuart made several mixes of the song before we've all were happy and proud. And then yet again our dear Andy "Hippie" Baldwin covered the mix in his magical mastering stardust at London's legendary Metropolis Studios!

As for the video - the idea was conceived in a car during a long drive to Scotland for our first gigs in Edinburgh and Glasgow in November 2015. This is our homage to "Groundhog Day" and "Sliding Doors". Directed by our one and only Elina Pasok the video features acting debuts for both Frazer and Dani. The video was shot by our very good friend Juan Panasyuk, who was flown in from cold and frosty Tallinn in December for a 2 day shooting frenzy. The main female role was played by our lovely friend Elana Kurtz, make-up done by talented artist and close friend Sara Huggins. The video features guest appearances from Ash Webster, Lorenzo Moroni, Carlotta Ficini and Danniele Grinstead. If you pay close attention you can even spot brand new lead guitar player Jonas Svendsen in the video (he was still auditioning to join the band at the moment of the shoot) and also video director Elina! And you can see our dear blue Vauxhall Zafira which served us so well during our first UK Tour!

We are starting to gig as a four-piece on the 20th of February at Hertford Music Festival, then play at the semi-final of The Indie Label "Be Somebody" competition in Trapeze Shoreditch (London) on the 24th of February and then pack the van and drive to Scotland for an exclusive show at The Buff Club in Glasgow!