Recording, gigs and festivals - 25.04.2016


It is time for an update from the PB camp! Lately we've been locking ourselves in our Shed Studio a lot. It is interesting to just sit back, relax and play, without any preconceptions. Keep the tape rolling and observe what comes to life.

It is still unclear how many songs will the upcoming album have on it, but we are enjoying the variety and diversity of the material being written as you read this. We can now promise that we will include your new favorite gig number "How Goldfish Grow" in the record, we might even make an animated video for this song!

Meanwhile, we are honored to be opening Bath International Music Festival on the 20th of May! This gig as well as the whole 3-day event is a true must-have for music lovers from around UK! We are also doing a one-off London show at the legendary 93 Feet East in Shoreditch on the 9th of June, presenting our new songs and refurbished set.

We are overwhelmed with amazing response to our latest single "Around the Sun" from media and fans from all over the world! THANK YOU!

Plastic Barricades will be on the road around UK in the first two weeks of August and around Europe in September and October - first dates of the tours will be announced here soon!