Wonderful gig at the Rotunda penthouse - 02.08.16

WOW! We had an absolute blast in Birmingham! After being named winners of Songwall Songs in the Sky competition we had exactly two days to strip down the set and rehearse to play a very intimate gig for select music lovers on the 20th floor of the legendary Rotunda!
Right away it was clear that the Jonas Svendsen's lead guitar and Daniele Borgato's bass still have to go through amps in order to achieve the proper punch and create a sonic landscape. The organisers Brendan Poynton and Beccy Clark from Songwall and also all the lovely folk from Staying Cool at the Rotunda allowed Frazer James Webster to use a stripped down drumkit. Dan Kert got to gig his 1957 Framus archtop for the first time. It felt very liberating to have no mic, no pedals and no amp.
We had the most amazing crowd of very careful listeners and an overwhelming response! We've played "Radar On/Off", "Singularity", "9Lives", "Half of your Soul", "Around the Sun", "How goldfish grow" and "Voices"! "Half of your Soul" video will be available for all you to enjoy very shortly!
VERY BIG thank you goes to Brendan Poynton and Beccy Clark for making this all possible, Rachel Mayfield for her brilliant performance, Graham Lennard for his wonderful photos, Mike Raymond and Sarah Churchill for your kind words and last, but no least - legendary Tom Hingley from Inspiral Carpets for choosing us as winners!
You can read the gig review here: http://songwall.com/songs-in-the-sky-review-staying-cool-at-the-rotunda-2/