Last weeks of recording the album - 28.11.2016

Well well well! We thought we owe you all an update on our recent activities!

It's less than two weeks to go till Dan and Jonas will embark on an epic journey to the Isle of Wight for an intense 3 day album mixdown session at the absolutely fab Bad Cow studios.

So these are extremely busy times for us all at Shed studios. Most of the parts are now recorded and sounding pretty interesting. We are planning to announce the tracklist of "Mechanics of Life" album later this week! Wish us luck! And get your ears ready!

We've also just announced our first two shows of 2017! Take a peek in the LIVE section! We are planning to be on the road more or less throughout the whole next year, so chances are pretty high for all of you lovely buddies to catch us making weird noises in a city near you!