2017 is at the door - 31.12.2016

HEY THERE 2017! You are just around the corner now! We look forward to meeting you and spending the next 365 days together! We have a feeling you will be a special one!

During the last 12 months we've released "Around the Sun" and "Half of Your Soul", these songs aired on radio stations in Europe, USA, Australia and Japan. We've played gigs and festivals all around UK and have grown into being a proper four-piece band with Jonas inspiring with his passionate playing and relentless search for perfection. We've played an acoustic gig at a penthouse in Birmingham and an electric one on the grounds of a 17th century mansion - and were named winners of Enfield Battle of the Bands and Songwall "Songs in the Sky". We've recorded the rest of "Mechanics of Life" album and mixed the songs on a farm on an island. But most importantly we've met some really cool people who are definitely going to change music industry for the better.

A very special THANK YOU for everything you've done for Plastic Barricades in 2016 goes to our dear team - Elina Pasok, Sara Huggins, Dannielle Grinsted, Caterina de Giorgi, Stuart Cooney, Vassili Zdanov and Juan Panasyuk. We couldn't do this without your ongoing support! A very very special THANK YOU also goes to amazing engineers and very cool dudes that are Jonny Breakwell and Ian Hansen from Resident Studios - we have a feeling we'll be seeing you two a lot in 2017! We've also had the honour of mixing our upcoming album with immensely talented Carl Perkins of Bad Cow Studio on the Isle of Wight and working with our favourite mastering magician Andy "Hippy" Baldwin of Metropolis Studios.

Speaking of those who are planning to change the industry - Brendan Poynton and Beccy Clark of Songwall, we are very glad we've met you! Same goes to a very talented photographer and a person who is making this world better from Birmingham Graham Lennard, the whole Oxjam Islington Takeover team and Barry Causton and Julia Hall of Mellow Promotions! Also we are very grateful for all the support that we are getting from lovely Deirdre Hannan, Vladislav Makarov and Grinsted and Svendsen families!

THANK YOU to all the journalists that reviewed our music and interviewed us for their publications in 2016 - we are humbled by all your kind words and attention! 

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST - thank you to all our dearest fans from around the world for believing in us! We will never let you down!