Camden Rocks - 14.01.2017

2017 is here - AND WE ARE READY to hit the stage! First gig of the year will commence on the 21st of January at one of our favourite venues in London - Proud Camden! All-day festival by Camden Rocks Presents will include 10 amazing bands! Minds are going to be blown!

There are several other London shows already announced in the LIVE section as well as a special festival gig in Southampton. Most of the touring will happen from May all the way up until November - so keep your eyes peeled for more gig alerts - we definitely going to be making noises somewhere near you someday this year!

In other news - we've uploaded a big gallery of our live shows from 2016, go check out all our funny faces on different stages across UK in GALLERY!

And this is what String Buzz Worldwide webzine wrote about our "Around the Sun" video: "It's vibrant, it's fruity, it's decorative and it's exploratory, everything you could possibly want from a British indie track. Also the influences I heard in this track brought out nostalgic feelings that I really didn't expect; some parts sounded like The Cure, others like Fish Tank, and then even The Shins at one point. This track just had so many impressive dimensions to it, that it felt like a very sophisticated listen too".

You can read the full review in our PRESS section.

MORE exciting news about some very cool releases on the way next week!