New music video and Southampton takeover - 7.02.17

What an amazing gig at the legendary Spice of Life in London's Soho! Despite the nasty weather, parking chaos and bass amp cutting out we had a blast! Front row dancing was very inspiring indeed. It is always fun when a gig is on a brink of a riot. Thank you all who packed this cult venue till the roof and danced till the curfew!

We are planning to spend February finishing arrangement and mixes for 6 songs of "Mechanics of Life" LP. But we do have some goodies already planned for you. First of all get ready for "Half of Your Soul" music video. This turned out to be one of our all time favourite recordings (although we are not playing this song live) so we decided that it deserves a cute and heartfelt music video that you can send to the ones you love as a digital postcard, a symbol of your devotion. Keep you eyes peeled.

We are also working on a stripped back acoustic set that we will film at our Shed Studios sometime soon - so you can discover the softer side of PB.

NEXT GIG will commence on the 2nd of March - in SOUTHAMPTON, on stage of Talking Heads Club! Not only will we be playing a very special set for The Edge Magazine festival "Edgetival" but also celebrating Jonas' B-DAY! Tickets are on SALE NOW - don't miss your chance, dear southerners! As for the rest of UK citizens who would like proof that we are in fact real humans - wait till May comes! We will be touring a lot from then till the end of the year!