Album mastering booked - 6.07.2017

We are delighted to report that we reached the final stage of production for the upcoming "Mechanics of Life" album. The date for mastering with legendary engineer and our good friend Andy "Hippy" Baldwin at West London's Metropolis Studios has now been booked! The last 5 tracks from the album will be finished on the 14th of July! No more sleepless nights trying to figure out an arrangement, mix or vocal line! We are elated and anxious and the same time and just cannot wait to share this record with you all! We do have a release date in mind as well - so keep your eyes wide open for an official announcement very soon!

To get warmed up and ready for what looks to be a very busy gigging autumn we will be playing a couple of exclusive intimate shows in Leicester's The Shed and Manchester's Fab Cafe in summer. We will be all over the country in September and October with plenty of gigs to satisfy even the most demanding plastic buddy in the most remote part of the Kingdom. We also might reach the continent in November, but those European dates are still being organised.

New gig dates for autumn will be announced here and on other social platforms - so make sure to save some dates and come party with us! We promise, it is going to be one hell of an autumn!