What an incredible UK Tour - thank you! - 23.10.2017

What an INCREDIBLE tour! We’ve played 11 dates and travelled 4000 miles around UK with "Mechanics of Life" album tour - it was great to see all you lovely people! Thank you so much for coming out to support us! Beautiful crowds in amazing venues! VERY SPECIAL thank you to all the press that wrote such amazing reviews of our album and helped us out with promoting this tour.

Tour highlights:

- played legendary Cavern Club Liverpool. Childhood dream-come-true type event. Great vibes and very good sound. Also loading the gear down Matthew street is so much fun, you have to try to avoid all the tourists. And all the tourists think you are the next Beatles. Met wonderful Beija Flo who can sing her heart out, heard timeless rock of Shamona and some funky riffing from Two Of Substance!

- Slept at a venue after the gig, first time ever. No one told us though, that there will be an epic club night till 3 am and we have to party before we are allowed to bed. The whole building was shaking. Also had a cool jam with members of the mighty Vertical Noise, who brought some mean grunge to The Hairy Dog.

- Played Cluedo in Derby's Alchemy Board Game CafeBar. It turned out the butler was the killer!

- Fell in love with Wales once again. Gwdihŵ Café Bar in Cardiff and Meze lounge, Newport are both top spots for making loud noises. And the people are so friendly and enthusiastic! Have a listen to Fire Fences and Sienna UK - they are awesome!

- Were always late everywhere because of traffic. It is simply incredible how a four lane motorway can just stand still for no apparent reason other than the amount of cars.

- Didn’t break down except once. Good old Transit served us pretty well, except for a starter failure a day before a Bristol date. Thankfully, Dani was able to fit us into his Zafira.

- Discovered how passionate people in Chester are! That was epic, thank you The Live Rooms and Jack Joyce for incredible sound. Also some real local talent - nice job The Zangwills and The Besiders!

- Covered a vintage Fender Mustang guitar with blood during 45 minute set because of a cut on a finger

- Couldn’t find the van in Liverpool. This happens a lot when we need to load out quickly and cannot leave the van at the venue. Dan parks it somewhere and then runs back for the soundcheck. After the gig in Lennon's took us an hour to find the van tucked into one of the narrow streets of central Liverpool.

- Learned how people hang out on a Thursday night in Bristol. Full on party mood at a very quirky venue- Mr. Wolfs Bristol. Combining our favourite bands, there were local heroes The Lasting Days! Like The Shins hanging out with Death Cab for Cutie! So excited to hear more!

- Played album launch party at our favourite London venue – Proud Camden, thanks to Camden Rocks Festivall. The new LED screen looked epic. And a band named Voksal was impressive!

- Were honoured to headline Oxjam Islington charity festival in October. Our 4th Oxjam Music Festival in a row. So good to see so many people donate to charity while enjoying live music. Perfect combo! Special thank you to Barry Causton for getting us on the bill again.

We will write a separate post to introduce you all properly to the bands we've discovered around the country during this tour!

Meanwhile, enjoy the tour album!

Exciting news regarding merchandise shop and a new music video coming up soon!

We love you all!

Dan + Daniele + Frazer

Plastic Barricades