Demoing - 6.03.2018

Hey there, our dear Plastic buddies! Our Shed Studio is nice and cosy these days. We know you are all eager to hear about our new songs and the sophomore album.

Well, at the moment we have about 5 finished demos and around 10 more unfinished ones - so there is a chance we could start production pretty soon. We've decided to spend most of March and April exploring and preparing new material. So there is a chance a new single might drop very soon.

"Mechanics of Life" is still going strong, with more and more radio stations around the world picking up the songs for rotation. We are very keen on the fact, that there is no immediate "favourite" amongst 11 tracks; instead we notice that every song gets attention from different journalists, reviewers and radio hosts. We will be doing more interviews and posting all the links into our PRESS section here, so if you are especially curious about Plastic Barricades behind-the-scenes - then that is the place to click on. 

After the short-lived snowy chaos, London is looking quite optimistic and it feels like spring is just around the corner now. So stay positive and keep getting better at whatever you are up to!