Paul Love - drums

Joined PB: April 2018

Adores: The Beatles, Quincy Jones, Arvo Part, Joanna Newsom, Jacob Collier, Moondog, Zappa, Brian Wilson, Kendrick, Kanye, Rick Rubin, Mozart, Zakir Hussein, Charlie Puth and Charles Bradley

Likes: Bikes, Boats, Books, Pipes, Psychedelics, History, Physics, Magellan, The Secrets of the Universe, Rubik's Cubes, Flora, Fauna, People and Things of all ages; past present and future

Is annoyed by: Cars, Jacobites, Baby Corn

Interesting fact: can finish a Rubik's Cube in under a minute (on a good day) and plays the musical saw and the hand ocarina

3 places to be: Taormina, Giethoorn, Kuwana

3 things to do: Play drums, travel, ride bikes

3 books to read: Ishmael, Homage to Catalonia, Jonathan Livingstone Seagull 

3 films to watch: They Live, Children of Men, Blues Brothers

3 songs to listen to: Fur Alina, Tomorrow Never Knows, Emily

Favorite quote: "I am a Doughnut" John F. Kennedy [translated]

Superpower: echolocation


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