Metropolitan Paranoia (10.10.2008)

This five-song EP was recorded in October 2008 in SoundDivision Studios (Riga, Latvia) during "Plastic on Baltics" tour. This was the first time, when PB worked with talented sound engineer Ivars Ozols, who became band's close friend.

The concept behind the "Metropolitan Paranoia" is simple: EP speaks about the fears and hopes of the people living in a big city. Harsh weather conditions, constant insomnia, sound pollution, loneliness and search for the meaning of life - sounds familiar?

The disk also contains a weird intro track, recorded in SoundDivision at night, using only good-old Roland keyboards and a cult WarpFactory vocoder.

Dan Kert - vocals, guitar, keyboards
Jan Laan - bass guitar
Kir N - drums

Recorded and mixed by Ivars Ozols, SoundDivision Studios, Riga, Latvia.


Insomnia Seeds MUSIC VIDEO!

Intro 1:56
Alarm 3:53
Meltdown 3:52
On a Rainbow 5:14
Struggle, Believe 5:26
Insomnia Seeds 5:10

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