Masterminds (16.06.2014)

"Masterminds" is the second introduction to Plastic Barricades' upcoming album, due in autumn 2014. Anyone can be a mastermind of his life, all he needs to do is to take full control and responsibility over life and make the best out of it, strive for happiness, success, exploration and constant improvement. "There are no limits, just frontiers!"




MASTERMINDS (Released on 16.06.2014)

Dan Kert - vocals, guitars, keyboard

Daniele Borgato - bass guitar

Frazer James Webster - drums

Sound engineer: Stuart Cooney

Mixing: Daniele Borgato and Stuart Cooney

Mastering: Andy "Hippy" Baldwin, Metropolis Studios

Artwork: Elina Pasok

© 2014 Plastic Barricades. All Rights Reserved. Any unauthorized copying, reproduction, hiring, public performance and broadcasting is strictly prohibited. Made in UK.


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