Gamble Inc (1.11.2010)

"Gamble Inc." EP was recorded in late April 2010 in the UK capital. During London session PB recorded 5 new tracks, engineered and mixed by Alex Leontjev, who also played additional keyboards and pads. This was the rec-studio-debute of band's new drummer Vassili. Art-work was made by PB manager and photographer Elina Päsok.

The main track of the disc - "Gamble Inc." - is full of foolish irony and bitter sarcasm. Followed by tender and intimate "Cranberry Shake", in which two hearts are melted together; real-life story "Envelope"; provoking and waggish "The Ballad of a Crash Test Dummy", the EP ends with encouraging "Keep your lane" and the words: "Make the world a better place".

That's what we're up to!

Gamble Inc. 4:48
Cranberry Shake 6:21
Envelope 5:17
The Ballad Of A Crash-test Dummy 4:18
Keep your Lane 4:07


Dan Kert - vocals, guitars, keyboards
Jan Laan - bass guitar
Vassili Zdanov - drums

Artwork: Elina Pasok

Recorded and mixed by Alex Leontjev, Alex Drive Production Studio, London, UK

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