Tree of Ideas (14.09.2012)

In summer 2012 Plastic Barricades have locked themselves into the studio in Tallinn and came out with a 6-track EP. “Tree of Ideas” was released on the 8th of September, just a week before Dan and Jan evacuation to London. The disc features romantic and desperate “9Lives”, hypnotizing and dreamy “Planets”, determined and passionate “Climb a Skyscraper” (dedicated to one and only real Spider-man Alain Robert), sarcastic and contagious “Giant Leap Back”, psychic-inspired “Radar ON/OFF” and written-on-a-plane “Airborne”


Radar On/Off 4:10
9 Lives 3:27
Giant Leap Back 3:01
Climb a Skyscraper 3:25
Planets 4:51
Airborne 5:03


TREE OF IDEAS EP (Released on 14.09.2012)

Dan Kert - vocals, guitars, keyboard

Jan Laan - bass guitar

Vassili Zdanov - drums

Sound engineer: Roma Bleis

Mixing: Roma Bleis

Mastering: Oleg Davidovich

Artwork: Elina Pasok

© 2012 Plastic Barricades. All Rights Reserved. Any unauthorized copying, reproduction, hiring, public performance and broadcasting is strictly prohibited. Made in EU


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