Half of Your Soul (7.10.2016)

What’s more important than love? No, seriously! Career? Wealth? These probably won’t mean much unless you have someone to share your highs and lows with.

We believe that there is one thing that might be more important than love: searching for love. Relentless search for another half of your soul, The One that will make you feel complete. You hold hands and all the troubles go away, at least for that one lucky moment. So stop blaming the gloomy weather and go on the most important quest of your life!

“Half of Your Soul” music video is meant to be a digital postcard that you can send to the one you love and also an encouragement to the lonely souls who are feeling desperate. Produced by Elina Pasok it doesn’t feature any faces, just hands, instruments and love letters.



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5th single from the upcoming "Mechanics of Life" LP.

Dan Kert - vocals, guitars
Jonas Svendsen - lead guitar
Daniele Borgato - bass guitar
Frazer James Webster - drums

Elina Pasok & Sara Huggins - backing vocals

Mixing: Stuart Cooney
Mastering: Andy "Hippie" Baldwin, Metropolis Studios, London
Artwork: Elina Pasok

Released on Plastic Tribe Records on the 7th of October 2016


© 2016 Plastic Barricades. All Rights Reserved. Any unauthorized copying, reproduction, hiring, public performance and broadcasting is strictly prohibited. Made in UK.


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