How Goldfish Grow (17.04.2017)

If you take an ordinary goldfish and put it into a big tank - it will grow big. If you manage to find a massive tank for it - it will be MASSIVE! The environment affects the size of the goldfish, the same way that our environment affects our own growth.

Animated music video by Tiziano Pi -

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6th and final single from the upcoming "Mechanics of Life" LP.

Dan Kert - vocals, guitars
Jonas Svendsen - lead guitar
Daniele Borgato - bass guitar, backing vocals
Frazer James Webster - drums

Recorded at Shed Studios, NW London

Drum tracking by Ian Hansen and Jonny Breakwell at Resident Studios, London

Mixing: Carl Perkins, Bad Cow Studios, Isle of Wight
Mastering: Andy "Hippy" Baldwin, Metropolis Studios, London
Artwork: Elina Pasok

Released on Plastic Tribe Records on the 17th of April 2017 

© 2016 Plastic Barricades. All Rights Reserved. Any unauthorized copying, reproduction, hiring, public performance and broadcasting is strictly prohibited. Made in UK.


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