Awards and nominations:

"Counting Fireworks" music video:

London Global Short Film Festival - Best Music Video winner 2023

Rome Music Video Awards - Best Experimental Music Video winner 2023

International Sound Future Awards - Best Music Video winner 2023

Europe Music Video Awards - Best Art Music Video winner 2023

Munich Music Video Awards - Best Experimental Music Video - honourable mention 2023


"Optimist" music video:

International Sound Future Awards - Best Art music video winner 2022

International Sound Future Awards - Best Female Music Video Director winner - Elina Pasok

Lift-Off at Pinewood Studios - Official Selection 2022

Short Film Breaks - Official Selection 2022

International Music Video Awards - Finalist 2021

Prague International Film Awards - Finalist 2021

London Indie Short Festival - Official Selection 2021

Long Distance Film Festival - Official Selection 2021

Munich Music Video Awards - Nominee 2021

Out of the Can International Film Festival - Official Selection 2020

Sunday Shorts Film Festival - Official Selection 2020


Songwall Songs in the Sky 2016 - winner

Enfield Battle of the Bands 2016 - winner

Sziget Festival 2015 Battle of the Bands - 2nd place

Brand New Artist 2015 - nominee

Camden Rocks Festival 2014 Band Battle - winner

OXJAM Band Of the Year 2013 - finalist

MTV Brand New 2014 - nominee

Hard Rock Cafe Global Battle of the Bands 2014 - London finalist



Reviews and interviews:


Original Rock interview - Oct 2023


RGM Press - Oct 2023

"Plastic Barricades masterfully intertwine intricate acoustic guitar work with poignant lyrics, creating a sonic landscape that is as haunting as it is exhilarating."


Plastic Mag - Oct 2023

"With each release, Plastic Barricades seeks to offer solace in times of uncertainty and confront profound questions through their unique musical output."


Mesmerized Magazine - Oct 2023

"The result is a record that feels immersive, emotional and empowering, delving into the fragility of human behaviours while celebrating radical authenticity towards ourselves." 


Our Sound Music - Oct 2023

"A truly wondrous track, 'For The Brave' demonstrates both deep and intelligent songwriting."


Lost in the Manor - Oct 2023

"Every element of this track comes together to build Plastic Barricades now signature style that is distinctly identifiable and undeniably charming."


TJP News - Oct 2023

"There's an authenticity in his voice, a raw sincerity that makes you sit up and listen."


The OtherSide Reviews - Sept 2023

"Tipping his hat at the sounds of the 80s and 90s, ‘Second-Hand Dreams’ blends aspects of alternative rock with indie-rock dashed with tinges of pop fluttering across the melody."


ThoughtsWordsAction - Sept 2023

"The track is filled with sonic delicacies and pleasant surprises, showcasing the artist’s careful attention to detail. Each listen reveals new layers and nuances, further deepening the listener’s appreciation for the song."


IndiemusicFlix - Aug 2023

"Bringing melodies and answers to a seemingly irreparable world together, there is a chance that this is your escape from what is unfolding outside."


Illustrate Magazine - Aug 2023

"Plastic Barricades effectively infuse “Second-hand Dreams”’s dreamy soundscape and passionate vocals to evoke emotions, from reflection to anticipation. Blending rock elements with the atmospheric quality of the track creates a captivating sonic experience that invites listeners to dive into their inner contemplation."


Original Rock interview - Mar 2023  

FV Music - Mar 2023

"We adore the catchy melodies that ring out and draw the listener in. Moreover, the thought-provoking lyrics are relatable and will have you reaching for the repeat button."


ElNews - Mar 2023

"With a sound that blends alternative rock, melodic pop, and shoegaze, this British-based band has truly created a euphoric and nostalgic anthem that will leave listeners feeling uplifted and inspired."


Illustrate Magazine - Mar 2023

"The lead vocals are honest and impassioned, while the harmonies give the song depth and complexity. The hook is simply an earworm. The lyrics are upbeat and cheerful, reminding listeners that even in the midst of uncertainty and adversity, there is always a path forward."


York Calling - Mar 2023

Counting Fireworks is a celebration of new beginnings, told through a textured and ambient alternative rock arrangement and an intimate video created by Elina Pasok. Lyrically, the track feels very relatable, painting a picture of the familiar but with flourishes of doubt and pensiveness. The video, shot all in one take, casts a spotlight on the remnants of life in a very literal yet creative way."


Havoc Underground - Mar 2023 

"Unique transitions keep you engaged as you're handed impressive musicianship that pairs well with clever lyricism and songwriting. The second single from the artist's upcoming third album, "Counting Fireworks" emits an uplifting vibe while at the same time capturing a melancholic element. It's the push and pull between these two sounds that leave listeners with a refreshing and unique style."


It's All Indie - Mar 2023

"...if you're a fan of Radiohead, David Lynch and Wild Beasts then you'll certainly warm up quick to this track. There's a great experimental/alt-rock undertone with this, all propped up with some somewhat fragile vocals that teeter on the verge of giving you the quivers."


IndieMusicFlix - Mar 2023

"The track showcases the band’s ability to weave together atmospheric synths and gorgeous guitar tones with layers of harmonies to create an ethereal and immersive listening experience. Look within your soul with Plastic Barricades. This is an indie-rock band that creates music to spread empathy and kindness in a world that has suffered enough. Their introspective and thought-provoking lyrics aim to inspire change, and they are constantly pushing themselves to reinvent their sound."


Illustrate Magazine - Dec 2022

"...beautifully poetic lyrics, a steady beat, bright guitars, and a catchy hook."


Plastic Mag - Dec 2022

"Wrapped up in an emphatic indie rock sound, the first single from the upcoming album is an anthem with a meaningful message. Paired with the track is the melancholic b-side “Tallest Trees” which paints the picture of centuries-old trees observing humanity’s self-destructive behaviour with a perplexed, yet forgiving outlook."


Like what you like music - Dec 2022

"Plastic Barricades brings into focus the existential questions of our times with exciting sonics and heartfelt lyrics." 


 From the Green Room Band of the Day interview - Nov 2022


Anselm Anderson - Nov 2022

"Beautiful and enchanting vocals harmonize over simply strummed electric acoustic guitars to reflect the pressures of the time"


Original Rock interview - Nov 2022


Spoonman Music - Nov 2022

 "Eschewing a lot of the stigma that seems to surround folk music, they have decided to collide it with 90s Indie sounds to create something a bit different".


The Phoenix Remix - Nov 2022

"Why not kick off your Friday with this brand new track by Plastic Barricades as it is going to make your day that little bit brighter. The song Lucid In The Fall is a charming, melodic track that can be defined of having a sense of calmness whilst also having an uplifting, upbeat tempo to it"


The Phoenix Remix interview - Nov 2022


York Calling - Nov 2022

"...we are conscious of our habits but let them overtake us anyway. The concept is driven home by a melodic rock arrangement and an AI-generated music video that provides a distorted reflection of consumerism. Tallest Trees provides a counterpoint to the cynicism of Lucid In The Fall, observing the long-term wisdom of nature to contrast the short-term foolishness of humanity."


 Jammerzine - Nov 2022

"Plastic Barricades is an experience as much as it is a band. Speaking to you with such sweet creativity and subtle originality in a way only the best artists can, today you get two new favorite tracks. Enjoy."


It's All Indie - Nov 2022

"Borderline perfection with the mixture of guitar effects, hush vocals and cascading drums - very Radiohead"


Black is the New AP Style interview - Nov 2022


RGM - Nov 2022

"This song is so raw and powerful in its delivery and its other-worldly presentation".


The Sound Wont Stop, Nov 2020:

It's like Block Party and The Pixies went to dinner with Red Hot Chilli Peppers and thought up this project. one of the most addicting albums we've heard in ages


ReviewIndie, Nov 2020:

 “their new record is full of their finest songs to date. Despite the often desperate themes, “Self-Theories” is gigantic and jubilant in sound”.


Rock-n-Roll reports, Nov 2020:

"Targeting the day dreamers of the world, Plastic Barricades write music to comfort and connect"


IndieBuddie, Nov 2020:

“There is no shortage of sublime heartfelt melodies throughout the album. In true Plastic Barricades manner, the album spreads dreamy warm melodies over expressive instrumentation to create a satisfying listening experience”.


TheOtherSide Reviews, Nov 2020:

"The more Self-Theories evolves as an album, the more it sticks in the memory. Just like a good sugar rush it simply asks for more. If Britpop comes back in a big style, Plastic Barricades might as well be one of the bands to revive it"., Nov 2020:

“The entirety of twelve songs is enough to escape the busy hectic pace of the day for just under an hour”


Planet Singer, Nov 2020:

"...They managed to create more than an album, but a vivid picture of our society, pointing the spotlight on our deepest thoughts, fear, failures, and successes, a precise collection of all those self-theories we create in our mind to find strength and comfort, but also to help us in all those choices that define us through our deeds and actions".


Original Rock, Nov 2020:

"With Richard Butler-styled vocals over beat-driven effected alt-guitars, Plastic Barricades offer turn-about fun-sounding foot-tapping tunes and some diversions into the deep and meaningful".


RightChordMusic, Nov 2020:

"The brilliant tracks that make up the album are emotive and thought-provoking"


StereoStickman, Nov 2020:

"Superb album of conceptually contemplative originals, London’s Plastic Barricades set the mood and engage with ease. an easy must for classic soft-rock and indie fans across the board; not to mention those who simply appreciate the art of deeply thoughtful, intentional song-writing"


BandCampDiaries, July 2020:

"....edgy, yet melodic twist, akin to some of the best indie-pop and alternative music, such as Radiohead, Alt J and Snail Mail".


SuckerOfficial, July 2020:

 "well-produced rock anthems that leave us with something to think about"


 AlexaoKane, July 2020:

"Deep, swirling colors and tangible textures make the video a veritable treasure trove for sensory sensations of all forms".


AndysMusicCorner, July 2020:

"Tunnel" is again a masterpiece in the alternative genre. The song tells the story of how it sometimes can feel like life is a road with plenty of tunnels. These tunnels are like the feeling of going into a dark and unknown place, not sure what to expect or how long this darkness is going to last.


Independent Music News 24, July 2020: 

Since they began work on their forthcoming album, Plastic Barricades seems to have played against the stereotypes of the indie-rock sound, and consistently have delivered music that is both nostalgic and uniquely fresh sounding. Rather than thrashing around, the music is becoming more mature and a little darker, but still retaining a clever rock sensibility.


BlackSerpentPress, July 2020:

"This composition speaks with beautiful melody, melancholy, and honesty. Plastic Barricades are a breath of fresh air, providing an urgent sense of nostalgia and comfort. Keep an eye out for this band as their future deems colorfully bright".


MetalUnderdogs, July 2020:

"Plastic Barricades make your worries visible: alt-rock band picked a digital microscope. What they filmed in this session could be just that. A creative look upon something common we all share".


Jammerzine, July 2020:

"The song is one of those types of tracks that really shows it’s true colors when stripped bare"


Into the Pit, July 2020:

"‘Tunnel’ particularly magnifies their Radiohead inspirations with noticeable combinations of slow rhythms and melancholic lyricism. Highlighting the confusing lifestyle of the twenty-first-century individual, Plastic Barricade ask philosophical questions through their music in a bid to comprehend modern-day surroundings."


TheMusicFiles, July 2020:

"Tunnel works to inspire two different emotions. Musically, it promotes energy, power and determination. Yet the lyrics encourage us to reflect upon our innermost thoughts, no matter how difficult it may be."


NovaMusicBlog, July 2020:

"Wrapped in a gloomy atmosphere, in which streams of curiosity and mystery follow one another with revealing glimpses, ‘Tunnel’ is a work that goes far beyond the definition of Alt-rock. Through their musical delivery, so melancholic and honest, here Plastic Barricades ferry us on a romantic safe sailing, cruising in a sea of doubtful and shadowy waves. Their microscopic analysis is an expedient to find a new point of view, which is located just beyond the boundary that separates us between the tangible and the ethereal. Where the overall view offers nothing but blurred outlines silhouetted against the glow, Plastic Barricades goes one step beyond, to capture the most detailed possible fabric and texture of the topic. And with a magnification power of 1000x, there are many thoughts that can find better focus".


TurtleTempo, July 2020:

"‘Tunnel’ represents current life experience and a deeper awareness of making one’s way through a devastating tunnel"


MusicForTheMisfits, July 2020:

" Tunnel’ is the third single of Plastic Barricades’ upcoming LP, it’s a mix of indie pop influences combined with a 60’s vibe and some new wave, synth pop inspired sound movements. I’m a fan of the soothing vocals that are gliding on the upbeat, fast paced soundscape that Plastic Barricades have created!"


It's Indie Artist of the Day interview

Original Rock interview


StereoStickman, February 2020:

"Genre-busting in the way that only music with disparate influences can be, Optimist bears many repeat listens as you unwrap its sonic charms. A wonderful looseness and (almost) jazz aesthetic permeates Optimist: it sprawls across four and a half minutes without a care for conventional arrangement or contemporary expectations – and is all the better for it".


MusicTails, February 2020:

"Unique perspective for the visuals and concept of the song is evident through their choice to use miniature pieces to tell their story. The DIY music video is unlike any music video we’ve seen. It features 8 houses, 8 cars, plenty of glassware and trees, 300 cast members and around 20 buckets of water that came together to showcase cool visuals".


FVMusicBlog, February 2020:

"An expertly played electric guitar opens the single swiftly followed by wonderfully rhythmic drums, and the groove is established. The melodic vocals are delicious and add their unique colour to the single. We loved the dreamy quality to the chorus, and the magnificent guitar solo too, they both have Plastic Barricades unique trademark sound on them".


The Honey Pop, February 2020:

"Plastic Barricades have dropped truly beautiful new single ‘Optimist’ with a unique & quirky music video to match it. It’s an upbeat tune, with catchy yet meaningful lyrics."


MusicVein, February 2020:

‘Optimist’ – released last month and taken from their forthcoming album ‘Self Theories’ urges the human race to look on the brighter side of things as well as taking ownership for the mess created – a message that couldn’t ring more true in the current times.


BlackSerpentPress, February 2020:

"... modern Beatles vibe, mixed with a new-era indie style, super vibey, and super catchy.... I love how much personality shines through" 


The Music Files, February 2020:

Plastic Barricades prove their prowess with prosody (yes alliterations work well, too) in “Optimist”.  Did I mention how lush, full, catchy and well-produced the song is and how great the video is, too?  You can’t just listen once – you want it on repeat because it hits a pleasure spot in that musical place in your brain that wants more.


SoundLooks, February 2020:

Mixing jangly and crunchy guitars with pointed lyrics and compelling rhythms, Plastic Barricades craft articulate, concise guitar-driven indie rock. This charming off-kilter track is laden with the acknowledgement and the importance of the elusive status of optimism in a chronically messed up world. Plastic Barricades’ music is effusive yet yearning, refreshing, exhilarating, and instantly approachable which rewards the listener with additional revelations upon each encounter.


FindASong, February 2020:

"Optimist" - a song about not giving up"


RattlerMag, February 2020:

Get it while its hot - you need Plastic Barricades on your playlist!



UpsideDownShark interview interview

VoicesInMyHead interview

Vents Magazine interview

Rock For Disability interview

Moshville Times interview

Photogroupie interview

GBHBL interview

Damnation Magazine Interview

The Razor Edge interview

 GuitarNoodle Interview

BlackSerpentPress Interview

The Music Bugle interview


The Ghost Generation, November 2019:

Plastic Barricades sounds like the offspring of early-period Death Cab For Cutie and The Shins got super into Sonic Youth but decided that the New York arthouse thing wasn’t their bag so they high-tailed it to London to make quirky and expansive songs cause they fucking well felt like it.

The MedianMan, Novermber 2019:

Plastic Barricades’ “One For The Road” is a jangling sonnet. It moves through based on the back end of some great melodies. The guitars take on a bluesy tint and the vocals are reflective and filled with hope and some sort of sarcasm. As the song progresses, an added layer of darkness comes over the listener as the instrumentation gets heavier-in tone though not melody- the vocals keep their little one-two routine going.

NovaMusic, October 2019:

Distinguished by a romantic vein and an honest delivery, “One for the Road” is a song that asks questions and tries to find answers. As in a sort of hymn to the freedom of exploration, the melodic and melancholic harmony of the piece is the perfect way through which the imaginative vision of the song is transmitted to us.

Stereostickman, October 2019:

Smooth rock vibes and classic songwriting meet with a vintage set of visuals for this brand new single from Plastic Barricades. Songwriting stands tall on this one, short lines walk you through a long-form yet rhythmic melody, by means of a surprisingly gentle leading voice – a quality that proves recognisable and unique to the Plastic Barricades sound. Meanwhile, a spacious and mellow set-up allows hypnotic guitar riffs to slowly but surely work their magic, and to pave the way well towards a subtly powerful build-up and satisfying drop to the hook. At this point, a definite Oasis twang emerges – the distance, the higher notes, the anthem-like finish., October 2019:

“One for the Road”, is a satisfying audiovisual projection of breezy vibes, and some earnestly introspective thoughts on the spirit of freedom in all of its facets. The song showcases Plastic Barricades’ technical and creative maturity amid a continuation of their efficacious musical recipe. From the start, the song impresses with its production of jangly guitars and groovy beat.

It immediately dishes out warming energy before channeling its rock attitude via resonant, overlapping guitar chords and steadfast rhythm. Blended with vocalist Dan Kert’s trademark presence, a fusion of psychedelic-pop attitude and classic alt-rock swagger, it’s a more than gripping good time.

ScaredStiff, October 2019:

"Plastic Barricades is a band that knows who they are and how they want to present their message to the fans.  A very deep and atmospheric sound with a lot of rock mixed it makes their music something that must be checked out.  Based out of North-West, London, has not only earned a dedicated fan base but has also attracted the industry, leading to many acknowledgements and awards"

The Rodeo Magazine, October 2019:

"Plastic Barricades make a hell of a breakfast!"

Alternative Addiction, October 2019:

"One for the Road" is our song of the day!"

Fresh out of the Booth, October 2019:

"This is an ambitious track that has a versatile and experimental nature. The alternative rock track begins slow but gradually develops into an energetic and engaging composition". 

RockYourLyrics interview

TheGhostGeneration interview

LoudStuff Interview

The MetGodGods Interview

Volatile Weekly Interview

Photogroupie interview

Petesrocknewsandreviews interview

YorkCalling interview

Metal Anarchy interview

XSRock interview

 The Median Man interview

Ever Metal interview

NoisePollution network interview

MusicAddict interview

ScaredStiff interview

TheMusicalHype interview

Streetwave Media interview

ZTThoughts interview

NataliezWorld interview

ReviewFix interview


"Mechanics of Life" ALBUM REVIEWS:


Beach Sloth, November 2017:

"Plastic Barricades tap into a fiery passion on the exuberant “Mechanics of Life”. Rushing by in a glorious blur, the color employed throughout gives the songs a kaleidoscopic haze. Stylistically it stays well-grounded in a fine indie rock tradition while incorporating elements of pop and post-rock into the proceedings".


Caitlin's, November 2017:

"Their promising new album, Mechanics of Life, displays the sort of uniqueness upcoming bands hope to achieve. Still on the rise in the UK, it won’t be long until Plastic Barricades reach success in the States"


The OffBeat, November 2017:

Plastic Barricades deal with the growing pains, common struggles, and complicated relationships present in everyday life. Their music is reassuring, calmly telling the listener that they are not alone, and that the little things, from a broken heart to boredom, are just part of living.


Genius Babble Reviews, November 2017:

"If you like indie rock music from the UK then this is a must for you collection, the high energy guitar riff filled eleven track wonder just hits every spot needed. They have tinkered away with Life and come out revering up high"


Stencil Mag, October 2017:

"Combining elements of indie and alt rock with dance and even a little funk, these guys take the blend in stride and put their own spin on it which makes a really well layered and complex piece"


Broken Arrow Magazine, October 2017:

"There is no need to dip your toes into strangeness, jump in and swim around, what is the worst that can happen?"


The Red&Black, October 2017:

"Plastic Barricades’ prominence in England is unquestionable and the band continues to grow in popularity as their fan base explodes".


MusicboxPete, October 2017:

"These guys will certainly make for a welcome addition to your playlist with their inventive musical style featuring colorful melodic interludes, and a wonderful way of putting the song in perspective for the listener who will almost make a connection right then and there"


Ringmaster Review, October 2017:

"Mechanics of Life is a collection of melody spun songs which entice with craft and warmth whilst strolling through a landscape of emotions embracing the beauty of romance, hope, melancholy and more"


TunedLoud Magazine, October 2017

"Throughout “Mechanics of Life”, Plastic Barricades prove that their output is always well worth the wait. The totality of the record is enough to engulf listeners in a myriad of textures accomplished via sound and words. They’re not only dynamic songwriters but they seem to constantly be exploring new, diverse methods to keep ears glued"


Babydolls and Razorblades, September 2017:

"Full of melodically haunting vocals and guitars to match,  Plastic Barricades are a breath of fresh air in an otherwise boring British music scene"


York Calling Magazine, October 2017:

"Mechanics of Life is clearly a labour of love, and a culmination of years of developing as a band"


Loudlightnews, September 2017

"Between indie vibes, sweet rock ballads and catchy pop rock songs, the album contains dynamic sounds and feelings according to whatever is going on in your life".


Thinking Lyrically, September 2017:

"Solid choruses and poetic verses that have something to say, Plastic Barricades have a great style on this record".


Rock and Reflection, September 2017:

"PB sounds like they would be at home in the late 90’s/early 2000’s indie-rock or emo scenes (see “Singularity 2045,” “Be the Change,” or “Needles in Haystacks”).  Still other times, I hear  mid-career Red Hot Chili Peppers (when they de-emphasized the funk), Blur, Bends-era Radiohead and maybe Oasis".


Twelve Records, September 2017:

"Who knew groovy and gloomy would work so well!"


Decent Universe, September 2017:

"This band is just a group of guys looking to make the world a little better"


Rock Regeneration, September 2017:

With a firmly pigeonholed position in the alternative indie rock genre, this band have a style all of their own, with a big, echoing guitar sound and a considered, laid back feel to the music. 


27 Magazine, September 2017:

"The songs are energetic and have more twists than a Chuck Palahniuk novel".


Blink Clyro, September 2017:

Over Mechanics of Life and its 11 tracks, the alt-rock outfit find themselves channelling an almost chameleon-esque trait of blending themselves into whatever the situation calls for.


Indie Buddie, September 2017:

‘Mechanics of Life’ is a laid back glorious album to wrap your ears around, soothe your soul and relax your mind



Interview for Annabel Platt, January 2018

Interview for AltCorner, December 2017

Interview for WaveByte Magazine, December 2017

Interview for Rock N Load Magazine, November 2017

Interview for The OffBeat, November 2017

Interview for Euphoria of Breakdown, November 2017

Interview for Mind Noise Network, October 2017

Interview for Broken Arrow Magazine, October 2017

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Interview for Original Rock Magazine, October 2017

Interview for GBHBL, October 2017

Interview with Dan for MusicBoxPete, October 2017, USA

 Interview with Dan for Ringmaster Review, October 2017

Interview with Dan and Daniele for VENTS Magazine, September 2017

Interview with Dan for Kill the music, September 2017

Interview ahead of the album release for ICMP, September 2017

Interview for Kill the Music, September 2017

Songwall "Songs in the Sky" competition gig review, July 2016

Interview with Jonas and Frazer in WHTYB, July 2016

Interview with Jonas, Frazer and Daniele in Music Crowns, June 2016

Interview with Dan, Frazer and Jonas in Moshville Times, June 2016

Interview with Dan and Jonas in Cackblabbath, June 2016

Interview with Dan and Jonas in Reviewfix, May 2016

Interview with Jonas and Frazer in Threesongsandout, May 2016

Interview with Dan in BreathingtheCore, May 2016



Genius Babble, August 2017

About "How Goldfish Grow": The fast paced funky beats and cheeky guitar magic in hooks is inspiring, like a jam session that just happened to create a great track. Indie rock has always had a place in the heart of the UK music scene in all areas and of late it is starting to pull its way back to the top after a bit of crash over the last few years with more dance and grime coming to the front once more but indie will be back before you know it. And Plastic Barricades will be at the forefront of the charge if they continue make hits like ‘How Goldfish Grow’. They have a southern Arctic Monkeys vocal style in versus but then can pull out a stronger sound in the chorus.

Turtle Tempo, June 2017

About "How Goldfish Grow": "The track is alive and the instruments move around and through one another. All the little melodies and components build to a wonderful crescendo. And the guitar solo is killer. I challenge anyone who says they weren’t dancing and singing along after three listens. I’m going head first into number four. Nice work"..


Moshville Times, June 2017

"The track itself plays in two styles which alternate as the song progresses, initially following a quiet, subdued style where singer Dan Kert’s voice dominates, which, in true Brit-rock fashion is full of accent and personality. The track then falls in to a far louder, yet still entirely harmonic, style where every member of the band plays as one. Guitarist Svendsen truly shows off his talent on “How Goldfish Grow”, as he utilises an almost-funky style of play throughout the most part of the song, until his solo around three quarters of the way through sees him briefly takes centre stage."

Aural Aggravation, June 2017

‘How Goldfish Grow’ is a supremely summery tune with a feelgood vibe. It’s built around a nagging guitar line and buoyant bass groove, and with a huge, hooky, singalong chorus, infectious may be a cliché but the most appropriate word going to describe ‘How Goldfish Grow’.

Glitter and Stilettos, May 2017

"If “How Goldfish Grow” is any indication of the unconventional methods by which the band chooses to connect with audiences, music fans are sure to discover an uncharted realm where luscious melodies and captivating harmonies breathe beauty into life"

Listen with Monger, May 2017

“We all should know how goldfish grow” is perhaps not the most obvious or rock’n’roll lyric but the message is clear and the video rams it home. There’s a certain Europop charm about this that goes along with the indie-pop kitsch and it’s actually nice to hear a band creating something to be enjoyed whilst also listening to some meaningful lyrics"

Indiebuddie, May 2017:

"Plastic Barricades ‘How Goldfish Grow’ is a punchy melodic stab of indie rock coated in bright peppy vibes".

String Buzz World, January 2017:

About "Around the Sun": It's vibrant, it's fruity, it's decorative and it's exploratory, everything you could possibly want from a British indie track. Also the influences I heard in this track brought out nostalgic feelings that I really didn't expect; some parts sounded like The Cure, others like Fish Tank, and then even The Shins at one point. This track just had so many impressive dimensions to it, that it felt like a very sophisticated listen too.

Jeena Johnson, Soundlooks, April 2016:

"Around the Sun" manages to be solid indie rock – with all the literate cleverness that it connotes – while maintaining a level of jangly pop accessibility., April 2016:

Much like a lit stick of dynamite, Plastic Barricades is explosive indie brilliance.

Robbie Tee, Jamsphere Magazine, April 2016:

They shine in exquisite taste: melodically, lyrically, and instrumentally. Their lyrical genius is something that has moved up a notch too, while the verbal syncopation and phrasing are so unique on this track. Having every bit as much wit, sensitivity and cleverness as any new band on the block, Plastic Barricades throw in an emotional friability expressed rather cleverly in ‘Around the Sun’.

Songwriting Magazine, 6 April 2016:

"Around the Sun" - our Track of the Day!"

Joshua Smotherman,, March 2016:

Imagine Coldplay collaborating with Radiohead to cover Oasis songs…but with a Nirvana edge. This is the spirit of Plastic Barricades‘ music. A smooth, melancholic and honest look into life as we move “Around the Sun”, the band delivers an intriguing soundscape which stands on par in quality with your favorite, more well-known bands.

Emily Chudy (interview with Dan Kert), Get West London, March 2016:

"Our debut LP Mechanics of Life is planned for release by the end of this year. This is going to be our documentary of the world we live in today, laced with specific hopes, dreams and fears. It will explore 'mechanics' of the modern day as well as tell personal stories of those 'mechanics of life' - the people of XXI century"

Rick Jamm, Jamsphere Magazine, August 2015:

"The great thing about Plastic Barricades is that each of their songs is so intricately structured that it becomes a living thing, and its listening experience grows and matures as you do. Current fans will be more than pleased and newcomers will be able to easily sink into the lush sounds and vibrant melody of “Needles in Haystacks”.

Camilla Cassidy, The Edge Magazine, August 2015:

Upbeat and romantic but touched with down-to-Earth realism, Plastic Barricades music is the kind that we all wordless agree on; the sort that has a purpose, or a message. Their lyrics are honest without labouring the point, and citing influences from Keane to Oasis they seek to chronicle life in the “troubled yet fascinating” 21st Century.

Click here to read an interview with Dan Kert for The Edge Magazine, August 2015

Jackson Cooper, Riviera FM, August 2015:

Plastic Barricades new single "Needles in Haystacks " combines an eclectic wall of sound with a direct texture signature that can't help but move your spirt and show you the way out of that Monday morning slum! The shear energy this band makes ,is enough to take the listeners notice. A fondness for a top tune with a garage guitar pop hook. What not to like ?

Cover story and interview for Jamsphere Magazine, December 2014


Jon Kelly, Sine FM, 03.04.2014:

About "Shine!": "I really like this track, it’s got a shimmering, summery feel about it and it brightened up my afternoon! Well done, sounds superb too"

20 questions: an exclusive interview with Dan, Dani and Frazer:

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About "Masterminds":

Sir Jorge of Culver, 18.07.2014:

About "Masterminds": The track features an eclectic blend of sounds and really response to the same ethos that made acts like The Cure, Depeche Mode, and dare I say Oingo Boingo popular. The band does something that others aren’t, and that’s following their own path to the greatness of musical iconography.”

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Sell Out Records, 17.07.2014:

“I love the layered tones, musical interludes, and lyricism that works to paint a broad picture of so much classic and iconic musical moments. It’s by far one of the best singles I’ve heard from the independent music world, and I hear a lot.”

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DigiIndie, 15.07.2014:

“With easy-going harmonies coupled with inspired production, Plastic Barricades have come up with a delightful song to listen to when you need a little inspiration to be your own personal “mastermind of everyday”

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JamSphere Magazine, 10.07.2014:

“Plastic Barricades has something important to say; the lyrics caress, sooth and enlighten. I think this is a pivotal single for the band, demonstrating both a progression and maturity in terms of playing and song writing. It’s going to be very interesting to see where they go from here…when the new album finally arrives!”

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Tone Flame Magazine, 8.07.2014:

““Masterminds” - a creative peak in terms of sonic arrangement”

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Independent Music News, 14.07.2014:

““Masterminds” is a pivotal single for the band. Once again Plastic Barricades have produced music rich in layered imagery, musical atmosphere and melodic sweetness, with the band reaching something of a creative peak in terms of sonic arrangement.”

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VideoMusicStars, 10.07.2014:

““Masterminds” – Rich in Layered Imagery, Musical Atmosphere and Melodic Sweetness”

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SoundLooks, 9.07.2014:

“In the sludge that most of today’s popular music is, it is fantastic to have “Masterminds” come out. First of all, the music on this single is simple and crafted to perfection. The chord progressions and guitar phrasing is amazingly clean, unique and tasteful. The swells, builds and moods the music and vocals creates, brings the song up to an impressive level.”

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Review Indie, 8.07.2014:

““Masterminds” shows a band very comfortable with who they are and their abilities. The song here comprises a certain non-angst that seems quite the contrary of today’s insecure world. The lyrics about self-determination, security, trust in others, and the choice to move ahead and uplift yourself is both powerful and credible.”

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Latern Music, 16.06.2014:

"Masterminds" review: This is a very relaxing piece of music, straight away it has the ability to put the listener in a laid back frame of mind. It has a calming aura about it, with powerful lyrics, and soulful guitar work keeping a well balanced rhythm thoughtout the song. Rating 9/10

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About Shine!:

We Close Tonight, 21.05.2014:

“This is music for the summer sun – vocalist Dan Kert has a soothing tone which doesn’t need any edge or grit and relies entirely on a rather pleasant character. Behind his voice guitars and keyboards swirl away whilst the bass frolics along in an upbeat manner so often overlooked on tracks like this. By the time the intro ends you can tell these guys were brought up in a world where Ocean Colour Scene, James and bands of that ilk were garnering significant levels of radio play, and I’m sure they’re all well aware of the classic All Saints track ‘Pure Shore‘. And ‘Shine!‘ is indeed pure – it doesn’t rely on the doom and gloom that fuels so many young bands.”

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CrossRadar, 16.04.2014:

“Uplifting, summery, and laced with happy feelings, Plastic Barricades don’t hold back on the good times with their latest single, ‘Shine’. Starting off sounding like a mid-nineties Cardigans number, the chilled out acoustic guitars on ‘Shine’ pave the way for a slice of summery joy, with flecks of harmonics here and there. Plastic Barricades’ influences hardly need mentioning, although there’s certainly a good dose of Stone Roses, The Verve, and Keane. ‘Shine’ pays tribute to classic britpop from its opening swells to its final bars, not least on the track’s climax with soaring vocals, blustering guitars, and its ever so sweet conclusion. Keep an eye out for Plastic Barricades, new on the scene but full of potential. In an age where dubstep and hip-hop dominates the horizon, it’s often hard for bands like the Barricades to get noticed, but if ‘Shine’ is anything to go by, they’ve got the ability to kick out some strong tunes. Check them out.”

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MoreMore Sound, 16.04.2014:

“The band’s latest single “Shine!” just feels so good. The title of the song itself is just so positive and full of life and energy. The song begins with lush lead guitar lines and a bright rhythm guitar that drives the entire song. Dan’s vocals are melodic and heartfelt: his style slightly make me think of bands such as Feeder, another great British act. Plastic Barricades have great hooks, great melodies and a really cool concept to work with … really curious about what the future holds for these guys!”

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360 Magazine, 14.04.2014:

“Plastic Barricades does it again with "Shine." A hybrid of rock, pop and alternative. Beautifully constructed masterpiece. Amazing vocals, lyrical content, production and instrumentation. This ensemble hits yet another home run with a fierce track. This new release is inspirational and provocative. It would not be a surprise if this record was chosen for a big budget, award winning feature film. A must listen + download. Their immense talent, marketability and innovation has earned them another spot on our ‪360WatchList‬.”

JamSphere Magazine, 03.04.2014:

““Shine!” is bound to resonate with listeners. It’s warm and inviting, densely layered with harmonies, and beautifully soothing. On this single The band further develop their melancholic pop sound in favor of even warmer instrumentation, and a more intimate melody. Plastic Barricades don’t overwhelm you with their creativity but offer it in dabs and strokes like an artist and his brush. More than sounds, they create moods, which are even harder to resist. “Shine!” is another confirmation that more cutting edge material is to follow from these highly talented musicians.”

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